Construction Safety Courses.

Construction Safety Act in Kenya


These rules cover the construction, structural alteration, repair and maintenance of a building including repainting, redecoration and external clearing of the structure, the demolition of a building and the preparation for and laying the foundation of an intended building and works of engineering construction for the purpose of any industrial or
commercial use. It also includes building and works of engineering construction carried out by or on behalf of
the government, a local authority or a public body.


In undertaking the said activities, the law requires the following to be observed to ensure
safety and health of workers.

  • Notification of commencement or taking over of operations or works at site by the constructor to the director.
  • Appointment of safety supervisors
  • Prevention of danger in excavations.
  • Inspection and examination of excavations.
  • Supervision and execution of timbering and other works
  • Means of egress in case of flooding.
  • Prevention of changes from excavation likely to reduce security of structure.
  • Fencing of excavations.
  • Safeguarding edges of excavations.
  • Construction and maintenance of cofferdams and caissons.
  • Inspection and examination of cofferdams and caissons explosives.
  • Prevention inhalation of dust and fumes at work sites.
  • Ventilation of excavations at sites.
  • Removal of internal combustion engines and exhaust gases.
  • Transport safety measures of workers by water.
  • Prevention of drowning.
  • Safety of rails and rail tracks.
  • Precautions in connection with demolitions.
  • Secure fencing of machinery.
  • Preventive measures in generation of steam, smoke and vapour at site.
  • Protection of persons from falling materials at site.
  • Avoidance of danger from collapse during construction.
  • Prevention and maintenance of scaffolds at workplaces.
  • Provision of boards and planks in working platforms, gangways and runs.
  • Construction and maintenance of ladders.
  • Provision of crawling boards on work on or near fragile materials.
  • Prevention of falls by use of safety nets and belts.
  • Examination and testing of equipment involved in lifting operations – cranes and other
    lifting appliances, chains, ropes and lifting gear.
  • Provision of first-aid requirements including first-aid boxes, training and first-aid rooms.
  • Provision of protective clothing and sanitary conveniences.
Construction Safety Courses in Kenya


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