Handling Stress at Work – A Guide for Managers (RoSPA Approved).

Handling Stress at Work  Course – A Guide for Managers. Stress is a condition that can affect all types of people, in all kinds of jobs and from all social backgrounds. It is also recognised as a major contributor to behavioural change, psychological dysfunction and serious health problems.

Stress has a major effect not only on people’s lives, but also on business profitability and organisational effectiveness.

There are many causes of stress and the solutions are equally diverse. During Handling Stress at Work course we will examine some of the causes and will also consider effective approaches to stress control and prevention.

Course Content

  • What is ‘stress’?
  • The implications of health and safety law and Corporate Social Responsibility in relation to work related stress
  • Management responsibilities relating to work related stress
  • The HSE model for managing work related stress:
    • Identifying the risk factors
    • Establishing who can be harmed and how
    • Evaluating the risks
    • Recording the findings
    • Monitoring and reviewing

Course Duration

3 Hours

Target Audience

  • Managers responsible for individuals and teams
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