Workplace Safety Training Courses.

Workplace Safety Training Courses in Kenya

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Workplace Act

In accordance with the Occupational Safety and Health Act 2007, it is the responsibility of an employer to provide instruction, training and supervision as is necessary to ensure health and safety at work of his workers.

Employment of worker at any machine or in any process that may cause ill health or bodily injury is prohibited unless worker has been fully instructed about the hazards involved and precautions that must be observed. Worker should be properly trained or required to work under supervision of experienced persons.

The training is carried out on recruitment; transfer or change of job; introduction of new work equipment or materials or change in equipment or materials; and introduction of new technology. The training must be arranged regularly at workplace during working hours and adapted accordingly with the new and changed risks.

Employer must ensure that all the persons involved in work must receive appropriate instructions regarding safety and health risks including emergency procedures  during their activities at the workplace and actions to be taken in case of an emergency.

Course Enrollment

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Fire Safety

CoursesDuration in DaysCourse DeliveryDetails
Basic Fire Fighting Training1Classroom Learn More

Health and Safety at Work

CoursesDuration in DaysCourse DeliveryDetails
Manual Handling1/2Classroom Learn More
Work at Height Awareness1/2Classroom
Occupational Noise Awareness1/2Classroom Learn More
Hand Arm Vibrations Awareness (HAVS)1/2Classroom Learn More
Accident Investigation1Classroom Learn More
Emergency First Aid at Work1Classroom Learn More
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